Thursday, August 23, 2007

Irony - It's not just what you do to your clothes when they're wrinkled

Aug 23, 5:18 AM EDT
Pit bulls at Vick's house face deadline
By ZINIE CHEN SAMPSON Associated Press Writer
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- More than 50 pit bulls seized from Michael Vick's property face a Thursday deadline to be claimed. If no one comes forward, they could be euthanized.
See here full the full AP release.

Michael "Ookie" Vick and his cohorts are the same guys who have all pleaded guilty to pitting (pardon the pun) dogs against one another, as well as commiting "inhumane" acts in disposing of losing dogs. So it turns out that the dogs he didn't do away with....well... They still gonna git it.

Does anyone else see strange irony in that? When I heard that on the news this morning, I laughed out loud in my car. I knew I had too look up this article and tell somebody about it.

As one commentator so aptly pointed out..."It's ok if the guv'ment wants to do it."


Lacey! said...

I saw a guy today on the microwave that said dog fighting is just like hunting and that Vick shouldn't be treated any differently than an athlete who hunts....

How crazy is that!!!!! That made me...LOL!!!! =)

-Jessy said...'s to bad hunting isn't a FEDERAL CRIME! Right? lol