Thursday, August 30, 2007

I laughed till I cried

Ok, so for those of you who've been monitoring my blog roll, you've seen quite a few additions lately. They're all really cool blogs that I like to go too, so check them out. You might find some funny blogs, or serious blogs. Shoot, I've even got some historical blogs.

I added a new one to day. Crummy Church Signs. I added it after seeing this hilarious post. What I read about half-way down the page had me almost in tears. But I'm not sure how many people will get it. Josh Lincecum might, but I don't know if anyone else will. This is what I read:

"Alpha is coming!"
submitted by Lauren Johnson
[the blogger's comment]Better Delta soon!!

O! M! Gah!!! If you don't get it, ask me, and I'll explain Greek and Mathematics to you. I'm still ROFLing.

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Joel B. said...

Thanks for the link and nice comments!