Friday, September 28, 2007

The great IPOD project

** Update - 103 Albums (Music) listened to so far**

8,430 is a big number. Anyone who has 8,430 of anything has probably not seen, heard, felt, experienced, etc any of the thing of which they have 8,430. Thus began my Great IPOD Project (or GIP).

About 3 weeks ago you may have noticed a short list of Album titles on the left side of the blog. My goal is to listen to EVERY song on my IPOD in "Album-alphabetical" order. If you'd like to track my progress, I'll update this post as I go along with the albums I've already listened to. If you're lucky, I may provide links to amazon for my favorites.

Here's what I've listened to so far: Started August 20, 2007

  • 1.22.04 Acoustic E.P. - Maroon

  • 100 Best Opera Classics (disks 1-6)

  • 20 - Harry Connick, Jr.

  • 20/85 The Experience - Hezikiah Walker

  • 2003 Higher - JCM (not looking forward to this one)

  • 2005: The Christmas Sessions - MercyMe (Yay! Christmas)

  • 20th Century Masters - Three Dog Night

  • 20th Century Piano Genius (2 disks) - Art Tatum

  • 35th Anniversary Hits Collection - 2 3 Dog Night Songs

  • 500 Years of Guitar - John Williams

  • 8 Days of Christmas - Destiny's Child

  • 9th Ward Pickin' Parlor - 2 songs from Shawn Mullin's Album

  • Abandon - Jason Morant

  • Absolute Favorite Christmas - Various Christian Artists

  • Adam Up - ApologetiX

  • Album Wrap - Opera Overtures - W.A. Mozart

  • Album Wrap - Complete Etudes - Chopin

  • Alive in South Africa (2 disk) - Israel Houghton

  • All Day - William Murphy Project

  • All of the Above - Hillsong United

  • All Things New - Steven Curtis Chapman

  • All This Time (Live) - Sting

  • All To You...Live - Lincoln Brewster

  • Alone - Clint Brown

  • Amadeus Soundrack - W.A. Mozart (Only the Requium clip)

  • Amazing - Parachute Band

  • Angelic Voices - Vienna Boys Choir

  • Anthems of Praise - Bethany (church in Baton Rouge)

  • Any Way You Bless Me - William Toney and Telios

  • Anything Worth Saying - Aaron Shust

  • Are You Ready? - Woodlawn Sanctuary

  • Arriving - Chris Tomlin

  • Art of Breaking - Thousand Foot Krutch

  • Art of Translation - Grits

  • At All Times - IBC

  • Ave Maria - The Silos (Benedictine Monks)

  • Awaken The Dawn - Mickey Mangun

  • Awesome Wonder - Kurt Carr

  • Azusa Praise-Jubilee - Carlton Pearson

  • B.B. King, 36 Greatest Hits (Disk 2) - B.B. King

  • Bach:6 Motets BWV 225-230 - J.S. Bach

  • Bach: Cello Suites, Vol.1 BWV 1007-1009 - J.S. Bach

  • Updated - October 18, 2007

  • Back Home - Caedmon's Call

  • Background Check - Elevate 2004

  • The Band and Soul Sessions - Pilippe Saisse Trio

  • Barlow Girl - Barlow Girl

  • Battle Cry - Michael Gungor

  • Be Exalted - Marvin Sapp

  • Beautiful Sound - Yancy

  • The Beautiful Letdown - Switchfoot

  • Beautiful News - Matt Redman

  • Beauty From Pain - Superchick

  • Beethoven: Sonatas for Piano 14,8, and 23 - Rudolf Serkin

  • Beethoven: Piano Sonatas (Sonata 21:Waldstein) - Emil Giles

  • Beginnings - Big Daddy Weave

  • Believe - Natalie Grant (Christmas Album!)

  • Beneath Medicine Tree - Copeland

  • Best Friend - Hillsong United

  • The Best is Yet to Come - Martha Munizzi

  • Best of Daryl Coley - Daryl Coley

  • Updated - October 24, 2007

  • The Best of Kansas - Kansas

  • The Best of Mozart - W.A. Mozart

  • The Best of Saint-Saens (Disk 1) - Camille Saint-Saens

  • The Best of Simon & Garfunkel - Simon and Garfunkel

  • Bethany Dillon - Bethany Dillon

  • Better Days - Robbie Seay Band

  • Better Days Ahead - BDA

  • Beyond Imagination - Opera Babes

  • Biblical Graffiti - ApologetiX

  • Bigger Than My Imagination - Michael Gungor

  • Blessed By Association - John P. Kee

  • Blue Hats - Yellowjackets

  • Blues Brothers[Original Soundtrack] - The Blues Brothers

  • Bone-a-Fide - T-Bone

  • Updated - November 7, 2007

  • The Boy Vs. The Cynic - John Reuben

  • Brendel Plays Beethoven; The 5 Piano Concerti - Alfred Brendel

  • Brian Regan Live - Brian Regan

  • Bring Glory - Scott C. Riggan

  • Bring It On - Oasis Praise

  • Building Championship Teams - Thrive Communications

  • Caedmon's Call - Chronicals - Caedmon's Call

  • Carmen (3 Act Opera) - Georges Bizet

  • Carried Me - Jeremy Camp

  • Carry Away - Shane & Shane

  • Casting Crowns - Casting Crowns

  • Celebrate - Ted & Sheri

  • Celebrate - Gateway College

  • Change Your World - Darlene Zschech

  • Chaotic Resolve - Plumb

  • Chariot - Gavin Degraw (Really good! never heard of him before)

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas - Vince Guaraldi (composer for ALL the Charlie Brown Music)

  • Chicago Mass Choir Project Praise - Chicago Mass Choir

  • Chocolateville - Don't know the author but this song is hilarious

  • Updated - November 20, 2007

  • Chopin Waltzes Impromptus - Rubinstein

  • Christmas - Kirk Franklin & The Family

  • Christmas in Black and White - Nichole C. Mullen

  • A Christmas Reunion - Various Christian Artists

  • Christmas Songs - Diana Krall

  • A Christmas Together - John Denver & The Muppets

  • Christmas With Babyface - Babyface

  • Classic Sinatra - Frank Sinatra

  • Classical Genre - Various Western Classics ranging from the Baroque to the Early Contemporary Periods - 146 songs over 15 hours

  • Classical Guitar - Tom Hambleton

  • Classical Masters; F. Chopin - Frederick Chopin

  • Clean - Shane and Shane

Friday, September 14, 2007

See You at the Pole - September 26, 2007

See You at the Pole is coming up! Young people, represent your faith and your youth group. Show up early at your school to pray for our nation and our leaders. Find out if a group is gathering and join them. If not, spread the word to your Christian friends (you do have Christian friends don't you). This could also be a chance to share the gospel with your Non-Christian friends. Invite them to join you at the flag pole.

"If any of you are embarrassed over me and the way I'm leading you when
you get around your fickle and unfocused friends, know that you'll be an even
greater embarrassment to the Son of Man when he arrives in all the splendor of
God, his Father, with an army of the holy angels."

(Mark 8:38 The Message)

This was sent to me by the American Center of Law and Justice:

One of the most significant - and highly contested - rights in our country today is the right to pray.

Unfortunately, attempts to squelch public expressions of faith have spread from the courtrooms of our nation to its classrooms.

As concerned parents, grandparents, school teachers, and church leaders, the most important step you can take right now is to know your student's rights before he or she sets foot on a public school campus.

In fact, what many do not realize is this: Prayer is a protected form of speech that cannot be banned by school officials when it is being offered in a manner such as See You At The Pole (TM). A school official who refuses to allow students the right to pray on their campus is engaging in censorship.

In recognition of the upcoming nationwide See You at the Pole event this year on September 26, I have pulled together a critical and informative online bulletin regarding students' rights ... and the public schools' responsibility to acknowledge those rights. Please feel free to share this bulletin with local school administrators - including principals, board members, and teachers - to advise them on the current state of the law.

It is imperative that local school officials be informed in order to avoid violating the First Amendment rights of students and others. See You At The Pole and the National Day of Prayer are student events - not organized or conducted by school administrators or officials. Students of faith across the nation annually gather with like-minded peers around the flagpole at their respective schools before classes begin and pray for their schools, teachers, administrators, and country.

It is their First Amendment guaranteed religious right to participate in such an activity ... and it is a bold expression of their faith that should be highly encouraged.

Learn more about student free speech rights on public school campuses - particularly the right to engage in religious expression at See You At The Pole events on September 26.

And please keep in mind:

This bulletin is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. If you are in need of legal counsel regarding a specific situation, you should contact an attorney or the ACLJ for assistance.
Thank you!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!

Tonight at 7:30 (cst) marks the beginning of the 2007-08 NFL Football Season. Your New Orleans Saints will be battling the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts at the RCA Dome in Indy. Slated with four Prime Time Games this season, the Saints and Saints fan's expectations have never been higher. This year they'll be moving foward with last year's number ONE offense, and a greatly-improved defense (including former Indy linebacker Jason David).

The odds makers have Indy listed as a "less than" six point favorite, but with these two powerful, vertical offenses, it's more than likely that the last team with the ball will win. So go warm up some Nacho Cheese (as opposed to NaCH3O cheese Josh), grab your black and gold pom poms and get ready, because Who Dat Nation,

This is next year!!