Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Practice What You Preach (and Hornet's related Ramblings)

Ok, so I was talking with some of the other youth staffers who's blogs you can access from the top of this page. I was saying, I guess I'm the only person who blogs anymore, and then I realized that I haven't blogged in MONTHS!!!!

My wife has blogged more than I have in the last 2 months! What's up with that!!?? So here I am, pondering all kinds of stuff. I've got questions about my school future, ministry, growing adjusted to married life... but there's one thing that's been pleaguing me since mid January....

Seriously! Have you seen how hot these guys have been playing??!! They've dropped the "best" teams in the West on a regular basis (Lakers, Dallas, Phoenix, and the Defending Champion, Spurs), Chris Paul is AVERAGING a double-double, and is in the process of becoming the youngest MVP in NBA History. His stats right now are better than Scottie Pippen's ever where, and he's beat out Allen Iverson for the biggest "little" man in the league.
Some group who keeps records of alley-oops has reported that the Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler (JUST those two players) have more Alley-oops than any other team, and that the Hornets (whole team now) average more alley-oops than any other team.
If we can beat Houston this week (wouldn't it be great if we snapped their streak!), then we'll be tied for first in the Division as well as the Conference lead (that tough Western conference at that!).
Other news
I photographed my first wedding EVER a few weeks ago. Maybe later this week I'll post a few pictures. I'm not thinking that this could ever become a regular thing, but it was a lot of fun. I'll have to find a more dedicated second-shooter though (André).
I totally just discovered (like 30 seconds ago) that the key combination "Alt + 1 +3" makes "♪". How cool is that!!??


Anonymous said...

Surely you did not just put Scottie Pippen in the same league as Chris Paul...


Jessy Russell said...

The stats don't lie my brother:

the Dallas game mentioned above he recorded 31 points, 11 assists and nine steals…just the fourth player in league history to score at least 30, dish out double digit assists and grab at least nine steals in a game. Two are in the Hall of Fame (Rick Barry and Larry Bird). The third will be (Scottie Pippen). He’s scored 40 plus points three times and has at least 20 plus points and 15 plus steals in a game eight times…more than the rest of the league combined!

That's from This article.