Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Why kids rock!

Most people think I'm weird and/or atypical because I'm a twenty-three (and a half) year old guy who is almost as excited about having kids as I am about getting married. The truth is, I don't ever want to not be a kid myself.

I idolize people like Lloyd Squires, Bill Cosby, Jim Carrey, and other "big kids." I'm so nostalgic for my youth, that I'll spend hours on Google Earth and Microsoft Live Maps looking at the home of my childhood, and regretting that the woods behind my house were torn down for a school (a great school that I never got to attend).

It's no wonder why I love Children's and Jr. High Ministry so much. Lori tells me that she would never have the patience to deal with some of the things I thrive on dealing with (teenagers...bah!). And it's true, few people really have what it takes to minister to these up and coming, soon-to-be hormonal basket-cases. But There are times when it's so magical.

Every now and again there's a glimpse of hope for our very dreary future. Every now and then there's a Crusader camp where over 200 kids are filled with the Holy Ghost and used in miraculous ways. Every small once-in-a-while, there's a 12 year old like Logan who speaks the incredible truth of God's love after he's had to "put down a calf."

Thank God for Young People who desire to be used of God. Thank God for Deuteronomy 6 Parents who care enough about their children to "train [them in the way they] should go."

Click here for more information about Logan, the 12 year-old who asked God why he had to "put down" a calf.

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